Spring Theme

Spring Theme Roots of Spring 1.0.0

Fresh, colorful theme to brighten up your BlackBerry


  • Colorful tree home screen image
  • Spring-themed menu icons


  • Interface changes aren't wholesale

Very good

This BlackBerry Exclusive Spring Theme - Roots of Spring adds a fresh new look to your BlackBerry device.

The free Spring Theme features an elegant wallpaper image of a tree with wonderfully colored blossom. This image sits in front of a beautiful blue background which, if you look carefully, contains subtle imagery based around the BlackBerry logo.

The Spring Theme brightens up the various icons and menus within the BlackBerry interface. A shining sun appears behind the currently selected icon, while the icons themselves have grass and flowers growing next to them.

If you like this Roots of Spring Theme, then go download its sister app, Spring Blossom, which is also very attractive.

This official BlackBerry Spring Theme makes for a great way to celebrate the season of new life on your mobile device.

Spring Theme


Spring Theme Roots of Spring 1.0.0

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