PassworG 1.3.29

Password generator with multiple configuration options


  • Very easy to use
  • Generates several types of passwords
  • Can create as many passwords as you need at the same time
  • Includes a special tool to measure password security


  • Includes non intrusive ads

Very good

Tired of having to come up with new, strong passwords every time you sign up for a new online service? It's time to start using PassworG.

PassworG (it's not a typo, there's no d) is a simple password generator that can save you the pain of having to create new passwords all the time. It doesn't require installation and is dead easy to use.

All you have to do is enter the number of passworgs (sic) you want to create and their length (between 3 and 100 characters) and PassworG will create them right on the spot for you. You can also choose between four different types of passwords: alphanumeric, alphanumeric with special characters, lowercase with numbers and readable, which are great for those of us who tend to forget passwords too easily. Once they're generated you can copy any of them to the clipboard or save the whole list to a TXT file.

PassworG also features a special tool to check password strength. Just enter any password – or copy and paste one created by the program – and PassworG will analyze its strength.

A last tab in PassworG's interface includes ads, but they're not intrusive at all.

PassworG is an easy-to-use password generator with several options to help you come up with the perfect password.



PassworG 1.3.29

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